Difference between closed type cooling and open type cooling diesel generators

November 26, 2017

Difference between closed type cooling and open type cooling diesel generators

Diesel generator sets are already familiar in our daily lifes, in all production and living occasions, we will use diesel generating sets for power generation, providing users with great convenience. At present, most of the diesel generator sets on the market are water-cooled diesel generator sets, there is also some air-cooled diesel generator sets (eg, Deutz air-cooled diesel generator sets). Water-cooled diesel generators can be divided into two categories: closed type cooling diesel generators and open type cooling diesel generators. They have different characteristics, so there are some differences in pratice.

Diesel engine and alternator of closed type cooling diesel generator set are fixed on the same common chassis. The diesel engine power output end is directly connected with the alternator rotor through a flexible sleeve pin-type coupler, and the diesel engine driven the alternator to generate power. Diesel engine free end mounted with a radiator and cooling fan. The cooling fan is connected with the free end of the crankshaft through the fan transmission device, the diesel engine will driven the fan, and force cooling by the cooling water. Radiator inlet and outlet water pipes combined together with internal diesel engine cooling system to form a separate closed-loop cooling system to provide diesel engine with cooling water needed for work. Users do not need to set a separate water cooling device.

The structure of the open type cooling diesel generator is basically the same as closed type cooling diesel generator. The main difference is that the open type cooling diesel generator do not have a radiator and a cooling fan device. Therefore, the open type cooling diesel generator itself can not accomplish the cooling cycle independently, and the user must set their own water cooling device ( such as cooling tower ) to provide cooling water the diesel engine required. Open type cooling cycle is generally used in high power diesel generator sets, such as: JDEC diesel generator (630KW-2200KW) or 1800kw Perkins diesel generator.

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