Tips for add antifreeze to diesel genset or gas generator in winter

November 26, 2017

Tips for add antifreeze to diesel genset or gas generator in winter

It is winter again, we also have to add antifreeze to water-cooled diesel genset or gas generator set, for user who is the first time to add antifreeze, what should you pay attention to ? Follow us and learn it as below:

When choosing antifreeze, you should usually observe the following points:
1, select the freezing point according to the ambient temperature conditions of the generator set. Freezing point is an important indicator of antifreeze, under normal circumstances its freezing point should be selected 10 ℃ lower than minimum temperature of the local environmental conditions;
2, selecting antifreeze according to different requirements of different engines, in general, for generators buying from Gosun, in winter better choose permanent antifreeze, while in summer it can be replaced by demineralized water;
3, better to choose ntifreeze with capabilities of anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-scaling.

Proper use of antifreeze, user should pay attention to the following points:

1, check the cooling system and ensure no leakage, and then injected antifreeze;
2, completely drain the cooling water in the cooling system, to avoid residual water dilution of the prepared coolant, and change the freezing point;
3, antifreeze with features of high boiling point, high heat capacity, lower evaporation loss, high cooling efficiency;, please noted that using antifreeze engine cooling temperature will be about 10 ℃ higher than using softened water cooling, if this occurs,user should not mistakenly considering it to be engine failure, and don’t open the water tank cover, so as to avoid hot air causing burns;
4, due to the toxicity of antifreeze, user should avoid antifreeze direct contact with the human body, in particular, may not get into the eyes;
5, the replacement of antifreeze must be carried out after the engine cooling, and thoroughly exhausted all of the antifreeze remnants in the cooling system , and cleaned with soft cleaning water, then filling to the required level.

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