9 советов оператору дизель-генераторной установки при ежедневном обслуживании

Август 17, 2017

9 советов оператору дизель-генераторной установки при ежедневном обслуживании

Diesel generator set is a widely used prime power source for some far away places or backup power source for any commercial buildings and locations ; well maintained diesel generator set can effectively save your running and energy cost, and provide you with reliable power source once needed. But not every diesel generator have a well educated operator or engineer, thus we provide below 9 tips for diesel generator set during running and daily maintenance, hope it would help some diesel generator set operator .

1. Diesel generator set should be kept clean, make sure the air inlet and outlet pipelines are smooth;
2. Maintenance staff shall not store flammable objects or liquids near the diesel engine;
3. The silencer must be properly installed to avoid damaging the turbo charger;
4. Smoking, sparking or other acts of ignition near batteries and diesel fuel is forbidden;
5. The generator set should be equipped with dry powder fire extinguisher, the maintenance operator should know how to use it;
6. Do not mix use any kind of antifreeze liquid with other agents such as anti-rust liquid;
7. Lubricants and lubricating oil filters must be replaced regularly depending on usage and time;
8. Operators should be carefully record the generator set running and maintenance records in details;
9. Once the diesel generator failure, it should be checked and maintained by professional technicians.

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