Precauções para a instalação de um novo grupo gerador a diesel

Agosto 18, 2017

Precauções para a instalação de um novo grupo gerador a diesel

Diesel generator set has became a standard equipment for workshop, shopping mall, bank, airport and other new buildings , here we listed precautions for installation of your brand new diesel generator set, to better protect your diesel generator set and prolong its working life span.

1. Diesel generator set should be installed smoothly, the diesel generator set foot should insert rubber shock absorber more than 2 cm thickness;
2. Diesel generator set should be installed in a good ventilation, heat and dust free place;
3. For the first use,the diesel generator set must working under 50%-80% load, after 60 hours running and break in period, then it can used for normal working;
4. The diesel generator set better to output per 80% of the rated power;
5. Lubricating oil with different specifications are strictly prohibited for mixed use;
6. During cold weather, operator should use antifreeze coolant or opening all the drain valve to drain out the cooling water after generator set stopped and cooling water became not so hot, so as not to freeze the engine body;
7. Diesel generator set start battery needed to be checked regularly, normally one time per 15 days;
8. Diesel generating set lubricating oil need to regularly replaced, usually needed to replace every 200 working hours;
9. Diesel generator set do not working for long time, preferably to run the diesel generator set more than 10 minutes every 15 days, better to make sure the diesel engine water temperature reaches 50 Celsius degrees or more.

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