450kw diesel generator set from Shanghai Diesel Engine Corporation

Water cooled 450kw diesel generator set from China Shanghai Diesel Engine Corporation, powered by 12 cylinders 4 stroke turbo charged 12V135BZLD2 diesel engine and Stamford HCI544E three phase 4 wires alternator, can be either DC24V electric start or manual start. With standard Smartgen control panel, both open type or soundproof type available.

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450kw SDEC diesel generator set technical Specifications

Diesel Engine Specifications
Manufacturer: Shanghai Diesel Engine Corporation ( SDEC )
Model: 12V135BZLD2
Output Power: 505KW
Rated Speed: 1500(r/min)
Cycle: 4 stroke
Cylinder Arrangement: 12 in line
Displacement: 25.8L
Bore and Stroke: 135*155(mm)
Compression Ratio: 16.5:1
Governor Type: Electronic
Start battery voltage: 24V DC
Air Intake System
Air Intake System: Turbo charged
Min Intake Restriction: 100kpa
Burning Capacity: 37.6m³/min
Air Flow: 39.45 m³/min
Exhaust System
Exhaust Gas Flow: 93.4 m³/min
Exhaust Temperature: ≤650℃
Max Back Pressure: 6kpa
Fuel System
Fuel System: Direct injection
100%( Prime Power) Load: 200g/kwh
50%( Prime Power) Load: 215g/kwh
Oil System
Total Oil Capacity: 57.4L
Oil Consumption: ≤0.7g/kwh
Cooling System
Cooling Way: Water-cooled
Total Coolant Capacity: 84L
Thermostat: 76-86℃
Max Water Temperature: 95℃
Alternator Data
Manufacturer:  Stamford HCI544E
Excitation Mode: Brushless and self- exciting
Number of phase and Access Act: 3-phase 4-wire
Connecting Type: “Y” type connecting
Alternator Capacity: 488kw / 610KVA
Overload: (PRP)110% load can run 1h
Protection Level: IP23
Insulation Class, Temperature Rise: H
Voltage Regulation, Steady State: ≤±1%
Altitude: ≤1000m
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