Voordelen van een stand-by generator: waarom heeft u een stand-by generator nodig?

19 augustus 2017

Voordelen van een stand-by generator: waarom heeft u een stand-by generator nodig?

Standby generators are of great help to commercial places and houses in case of emergency power shortage or cut down. Actually you can easily find standby generators running on gasoline, diesel ,natural gas, LPG, biogas and other alternative source such as solar power or biomass gas etc.

You will find commercial such as offices, hospitals, hotels ,airports , banks along with other places where requires continuous electricity using standby power generator simply because they either decide to only supply electricity for their convenience through generators because this electricity source is reliable and could be cheaper too.

You may also noticed some developed countries such as USA, United kingdom , Japan, Germany and other countries where there’s almost no problem of electricity shortage but you will still find places where standby generators are used. This is because since the normal electricity cost maybe even higher than electricity generated by natural gas generator or other alternative fuel generator, besides, there is still some risks of power shortage. For example , when the hurricane hits New York, and the flood comes along too which have been caused 80% part of New York electricity shortage for almost one week.In case of these natural disasters, standby generators can be really useful.

The standby generators can be found in various sizes and also have different specifications. Not every generators run on the same fuel, for example diesel or gasoline, you will find more and more natural gas generators are being popular with the development of shell gas world wide. Currently,the most economic standby generator actually is natural gas generator, however, natural gas generator requires the operator to be more professional and natural gas generator initial purchase cost usually more higher than diesel generator set. So you can still see diesel generators being more favored by user,

Small generators ranging from 2kva to 6.5kva are helpful for home usage and could be installed in your own home. They can provide enough power for lights and fans in your house and you may even turn on your TV.

Bigger standby generators usually ranging from 50Kva to 1000Kva. These generators are huge in sizes and can provide enough power supply for various electric appliance in a house for example television, refrigerators, air conditioner and anything you want to turn on. For heavy duty standby generator more than 1000kva, we recommend natural gas generator as the right standby generator, on one hand it will cut down your energy cost, on the other hand, you don’t need to build a huge diesel fuel tank for diesel storage, the natural gas stand by generator will automatically get fuel from natural gas pipeline, so as to achieve no human monitoring power generation.

Either it is a small standby generator or big size heavy duty standby generator, you can install an ATS ( automatic transfer switch ) system on the standby generator which will automatic turn on the standby generators in several seconds once grid electricity shortage.This option helps a lot because whenever the electricity is outage you do not need to get up from your place and go on to turn on the standby generator.

Standby generators have huge demand and therefore are being widely utilized in developing countries since these countries don’t have proper electricity infrastructure and once electricity shortage government can still make sure the whole countries under regular control. And workshop in these developing countries need standby generators to ensure factory always in normal running status.

Shenzhen Gosun Industry Co.,Ltd always willing to offer reliable quality standby generators at competitive price to all over the world, we wish to contribute ourselves for world economy development step by step.

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