7 bodů, které byste měli zvážit před nákupem použitého generátoru

Srpen 7, 2017

7 bodů, které byste měli zvážit před nákupem použitého generátoru

Many medium and small sized company usually purchase used generators instead of new ones. It’s a cost saving method to buy a high quality used generator. However,before any purchase decision is made it is very important know which kind of generator would be more suitable. Today, there are a lot of different kind generators on the market, such as diesel generator, natural gas generator, biogas generator, propane generator, gasoline generator and so on. No matter which kind of generator you are going to buy, you should consider below 7 points before you pay the cash:

1.The age and usage of the generator. Know how many hours the generator has been running , its serviing age and history. Most generator engines have an biult in odometer;
2.Ask whether it was used constantly to generate electricity or was just a standby generator. As a common, standby generators usually used for emergency backup power source were better maintained than generators in constant use.
3.Find out the manufacturer name of the generator in addition to its model number. It will help you to know its reliability and popularity. Try to get a used generator manufactured by a good and trusted manufacturer such as caterpillar, Cummins, MTU, Perkins, Kohler, and so on.
4.Collect the generator maintenance data,better having the maintenance records. Also judge how much the owner has been spent on generator maintenance and repair spare parts.
5. Always do a private inspection yourself, which includes visual inspection, checking for worn out components, wiring and welding, loading test and so on.
6. Used industrial generators should only buy from reputable broker or dealer. Or you can ask them to help you source the used generator you need,used industrial generators need maintenance and testing from certified technicians. Choose a broker or dealer who has a good reputation and has been in the used generator business for many years.They will help you save a lot of money as well as saving time, and get rid of unnecessary troubles.
7. Ask about limited warranties and guarantees.Purchasing a used generator could saving 25-50%. If the generator is re-manufactured which mean it has been completely overhauled, the purchaser will get a limited guarantee on the generator.

Always be the informed buyer and go for the inspection armed with information and questions to ask. Purchase a used generator either online or offline is ok, but please buy from a reputed person or dealer.Make sure the generator suits you requirements, decide clearly which type of generator and what capability will probably be perfect for you.

Once the generator is purchased and installed, please do a trial running. Ensure that people in charge of operating get good training course. Establish a maintenance schedule and make sure that all electric components are kept clean and bearings are well lubricated. Put it in a place with good environment conditions. Once you take good care of the used generator,it will working for you in a long period without troubles.

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