13 tips that help you choosing suitable industrial gas generator sets

November 17, 2017

13 tips that help you choosing suitable industrial gas generator sets

1) Select the appropriate output power according to gas fuel supply to avoid gas generator low load or waste of gas fuel;
2) The 1000KW gas generator has the highest market shall, its cost performance is the highest, and the repair and maintenance costs are relatively low;
3) When choosing several gas generators for parellal running, user should choose the same output gas generator, to reduce operating costs and spare parts storage cost. If the total volume of gas generator sets is a litte smaller , choose a smaller output gas generator for backup usage. For example, a 1000KW plus a 500KW gas generator, so you can easily adjust the output power when the gas volume changes, to ensure that the gas generators running with at least 70% power output;
4) High power generation efficiency means more electricity can be produced when consuming the same gas volume, so better to choose gas generator with higher electricity efficiency;
5) High onduty rate means less downtime, less waste of gas fuel and more power generation;
6) When the gas is pure, or when the gas is properly treated, an overhaul period of the gas generator can be up to 50,000-60,000 hours, general gas generator overhaul period up to 30,000- 40,000 hours. However, some bad quality gas generator overhaul period only up to 10000 ~ 20000 hours;
7) Biogas contains little corrosive components that pollute the engine oil, which consumes more lube oil than natural gas generator. Engine lube oil is a major consumable and occupies a certain share of operating costs. Different brands gas generators have large differences in lube oil consumption;
8) spare parts prices may several times being different, buyer should pay particular attention to some major parts price, such as spark plug prices. They directly affecting operating costs;
9) A full range of spare parts can greatly reduce downtime and increase power generation volume;
10) Whether the maintenance team can arrive in a short time is crucial to ensure the running time;
11) Gas generator set is a large and expensive equipment, buyer should focus on long-term comprehensive assessment. Integrated price is more important than only the gas generator price;
12) The type of gas fuel determines the type of gas generator you should selected. Natural gas generators do not necessarily can burn on biogas or low concentration coal bed gas;
13) Buyer should know the composition of the gas fuel and methane concentration in the gas. So that you can make the right decison on gas generator selection, especially for oil field associated gas and coal bed gas.

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