What is a gas generator and its advantages ?

August 17, 2017

What is a gas generator and its advantages ?

A gas generator is a small power generation device that can convert natural gas or other alternative gas fuel into electricity, gas generators can be classified into natural gas generator, LPG generator ( propane generator ), biogas generator, wood gas generator sets etc by fuel types. Also gas generators can be divided into two types by combustion type, one is the combined cycle gas turbine generator, one is the internal combustion gas engine ( also being called lean burn gas engine). Gas turbine generator output power capacity is relatively large, mainly used in large and medium power plants, lean burn gas engine output power capacity is relatively small, mainly used in small energy distribution power plants, marine power, mining machinery power, factory backup power and so on.

The lean burn gas engine generating units have the advantages of wide output power range, high starting performance, stably running, stabilized output voltage, light weight, small size, easy for maintenance and low noise level. Generally, they have the following four main advantages:

1.the gas generator output electricity quality is good

During the lean burn gas generator set working only rotary motion happened, the electric governor response speed is fast which ensures the engine running is particularly smooth, the generator output voltage and frequency with high precision and little fluctuations even in the sudden increase of 50% and 75% load. They have better electrical performance than diesel generator sets.

2. the gas generator start performance is good, start at a high success rate

From the successfully cold start to full load time is only 30 seconds, while the international requirements of diesel generators is 3 minutes from the start to load. And the gas turbine generator set can guarantee the success rate in any ambient temperature and climate.

3. the gas generator with low noise level and little vibration

As the gas generator working in a high-speed rotation, its vibration is very small, and low-frequency noise performance is better than diesel generator set.

4. the gas generator use flammable gas as fuel source which is a clean and cheap energy

Gas generators can run on marsh gas, biomass gas, biogas, natural gas, propane gas etc, gas generators run on these fuel sources not only reliable and at a low cost level, but also can turn waste into treasure, without produce any pollution.

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