Top 6 gas geneator set brands all over the world

November 17, 2017

Top 6 gas geneator set brands all over the world

1. GE Jenbacher gas generator set

One of the world’s largest producers of gas engines, GE Jenbacher has been named as one of the most competitive companies in gas engine industry for many years. GE Jenbacher’s Gas Engines and Generator sets account for more than 35% of the gas engine and genset market, in some special gas gensets market its market share up to 80%. It has provided the world with tens of thousands of gas genset of various sizes, gaining widespread acclaim from customers around the world.

2. Waukesha gas generator set

Founded in 1906, Waukesha has over 100 years of history and it is one of the world’s top 500 enterprises. It is a world-renowned producer of natural gas genset, coal bed gas genset, petroleum associated gas genset, landfill gas genset, biogas genset and LPG engine genset, and also the founder of the Waukesha Enginator power system that provides customers with reliable and versatile power requirements products, is a world-class company, is a trusted partner for your power needs.

3. Deutz / MWM gas generator set

MWM ( Deutz ) gas generator set with features of environmental protection, economy, high efficiency, low emissions, low noise and so on. Designed and manufactured under Germany technology, precision machinery and strict quality control system, suitable for continuous running.

4. Cummins gas generator set

With advanced design, compact structure, reliable performance, easy maintenance, economical and other characteristics, cummins gas enerator set can be widely used in telecommunications, banking, hospitals, shopping malls, entertainment, military and oil field operations as well as communications lighting power supply. Suitable for consumers at different levels at home and abroad.

5. Guascor gas generator set

A new generation of Guascor gas generator set can working in a very harsh working environment for a long time with efficient operation, they adopt high-tech wear-resistant materials. Guascor gas generator set with automatic / manual control, electronic speed control, automatic fault supervision, automatic shutdown.

6. Perkins gas generator set

Stable performance, good power to weight ratio; Small size, compact structure, beautiful appearance; Easy installation, easy maintenance; Ample spare parts and timely technical support, make it ideal to fulfill middle and high end power requirements.

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