Top 11 diesel engine and generator set brand names all over the world

August 7, 2017

Top 11 diesel engine and generator set brand names all over the world

Diesel generator industry is stuffed with a lot manufacturers.Such as John Deere and Caterpillar are familiar by public from their logo on power generating equipment and related markets; others are less well-known. Here we have collect a list include top 11 well know brand name in diesel engine and diesel generator set industry. Below ranking don’t present the actually sales amount bigger or smaller.

•1.John Deere: brand name from United States, generators with John Deere engines have a good reputation for being clean, quick starting, and low fuel consumption. The companys legacy of trustworthy products is extended to the diesel generator market;
•2.Mitsubishi: brand name from Japan, Mitsubishi generators claimed of the lowest noise levels in the diesel generator industry and are designed and manufactured to run continuously at optimum performance. They are also with low fuel consumption and Mitsubishi provide a two year warranty for all of their diesel generator set;
•3.Kubota: brand name from Japan, considered one of the top engine manufacturers on this planet, also provides gensets powered by its own diesel engines. Kubota gensets are known for one-side maintenance and their reliability.
•4.Perkins: brand name from Japan, Generators with Perkins diesel engines are properly known from 4 kw to 2000 KW range; more than 1,000 diesel generator OEM manufacturers use Perkins as their diesel engines source, and Perkins engines are utilized in industrial application from agriculture to marine.
•5.Kohler: brand name from United States, Kohler generators range from 8.5 to 2800 KW and are available in gas and LPG generators, as well diesel generators. Kohler generators are EPA compliant and configurable to any system want.
•6.SDMO: brand name from France,SDMO generators from the industrys top 3 brand in the genset market vary from 1 KW to 2640 KW. SDMO company produce more than 100,000 gensets every year.
•7. Caterpillar: brand name from United States, Caterpillar is the world’s largest manufacturer of high speed diesel generator set and engines and offers the largest optional ranges. Varying from 12 to 17,460 KW can be found in Caterpillar generator list.
8.Yanmar: brand name from Japan, Manufacturer of diesel engines since 1933, Yanmars diesel power generator sets have low vibration and are reliable and quiet working.
•9.Volvo: brand name from Sweden, Volvo diesel engines have high load capability and good reputation for quick cold start performance, making them splendid to use in diesel gensets and cold weather area.
•10.Cummins: brand name from United States, cummins generators suitable for standby and emergency power usage and can be loaded in less than 10 seconds and provide reliable performance for various purposes.
11.Lister Petter: brand name from United Kingdom, building on its 140 years history of innovation, manufactures diesel and gas engines, its gensets rated up to 200 KW.

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