Factores a considerar antes de comprar um gerador diesel

Agosto 6, 2017

Factores a considerar antes de comprar um gerador diesel

There are different kinds of generators all the market, diesel generators, gasoline generators , gas generators and other type of alternative energy source generators. Diesel generators are the most popular because they don’t require complicated maintenance and other operations. Diesel generators could be easily found on the market and with low running cost ( because of its low fuel consumption ),which makes it a right decision to buy a diesel generator , especially for backup or emergency usage. Below are some major factors you need to consider before buying a generator ?

As it is a major item to buy, you need to compare diesel generators from different supplier or seller, and know which is most suitable for your needs. Will the generator be used a a main supply power source – or is it for emergency usage only ? Do you want it to be portable or fixed in a right place ? Do you need the output power be single phase or three phase ? What is your required output electricity frequency and voltage ? Some diesel generators are designed for home usage, while others are designed for industrial usage.

When shopping for your own diesel generator you also needs to consider how quiet you need it to be. If it is going to use nearby your house or company you may need a diesel generator with soundproof canopy,so its noise level may below 60 DB . Air-cooled diesel generators are usually louder, while water cooled generators are quieter and extra reliable.

Safety factors should be considered when buying a diesel generator. Low oil pressure and automated shutdowns should be a standard function for current generators.

There are various manufacturers, suppliers or brands to purchase from when shopping for a diesel generator. There are Cummins, Perkins, Generac, Volvo Penta, MTU, Weichai and other brands. These are all reliable names in the diesel generators industry. We sincerely suggest you to select your own generator with the help of seller or manufacturer, as they know what conditions to be considered for your needs.

There are a large number of models and features available for diesel generator buyers. Choose carefully and spend your money wisely. However, we would also be honored if you choose Gosun as your buying adviser and buy from others or buy from us directly, we have been in this field for more than 10 years.

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