Cummins Diesel Generator

360kw 400kva cummins k19 diesel power generator

Promotional 360kw cummins diesel power generator & cummins k19 generator from China manufacturer, suitable for commercial and industrial application, for Peru , Argentina , Brazil etc

320kw 400kva cummins genset powered by cummins

2017 320kw 400kva cummins genset & 400kva genset cummins from China manufacturer, powered by cummins engine, suitable for Cuba and other Latin American countries .

cummins 300kw diesel generator with stamford alternator

Heavy duty cummins 300kw diesel generator & cummins generator with Stamford alternator from China, suitable for prime or standby usage in office building or workshop .

275kw gen cummins diesel backup generator

275kw generator cummins diesel, cummins backup generator, gen cummins from China vendor, suitable for primary and backup power source, for Holland and other CE standard countries.

cummins residential 250 kw diesel generator

2017 new arrival cummins 250 kw diesel generator & cummins residential generator from China factory, suitable for industrial usage, for Dubai, UAE, Iran and other middle east countries.

cummins 200kw 250kva diesel power generator

Original design cummins 200kw diesel generator & 250kva power generator cummins from China, suitable for industrial backup power, with durable quality, suitable for United States.

160kw 200kva dg set cummins powergen

160kw dg cummins, 200kva cummins dg set, cummins powergen from China Vendor, run on diesel, suitable for primary electricity source, top quality & best price, suitable for CE certificate required countries.

cummins onan engine 150 kw diesel generator for UK

Direct sale cummins 150 kw diesel generator & cummins onan engine genset for UK from China , suitable for prime usage, at cheap price, suitable for UK and other Europe countries .

128kw 160kva dongfeng cummins emergency generator

2017 128kw 160kva dongfeng cummins generator & cummins emergency generator from China, suitable for industrial usage, with top quality and cheap price, suitable for North America and Europe countries.

cummins onan 100kw 125kva residential diesel generator

cummins 100kw diesel generator & cummins onan residential generator from ODM factory, suitable for emergency or prime power for residential community or industrial application .

cummins 80kw 100kva diesel generator

Water cooling cummins 80kw generator & cummins 100kva diesel generator from OEM factory, suitable for standby application, for France, Germany , US, UK, Japan market.

72kw 90kva cummins onan genset for rental

Easy maintenance 72kw cummins onan genset & 90kva cummins generator for rental from China supplier, powered by diesel, suitable for industrial application in Indonesia and other Southeast Asia countries and areas .