Prime 1500 kw 1875 kva Perkins diesel generator set 12 cylinders 50Hz

Prime 1500 kw 1875 kva Perkins diesel generator set 12 cylinders 50Hz 400V 1500rpm from China vendor, DC24V electric start, powered by Perkins UK 4016TAG1A diesel engine and Stamford PI734E AVR alternator, containerized soundproof canopy available, suitable for industrial continuous running, ideal for mining, oil field, far away town, island, factory power source.

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General Details
1500 kw UK Perkins engine diesel generator is subjected to a comprehensive performance test which includes 50% load, 70% load, 100% load, 110% load and to check, verify that all control systems, alarm and shut-down protection.


    • Equipped with battery charger and 24V high performance maintenance-free lead-acid starting batteries and connecting cables.
    • Stainless galvanized zinc plates with strong corrosion-proof.
    • Vibration isolators between the engine/alternator and base frame.
    • Equipped with industrial silencer and flexible exhaust hose.
    • Designed to comply with ISO8528/GB2820, standard generator manufacturer.
    • Powered by Perkins diesel engine and coupled with original Stamford alternator.
    • Water jacket preheater, oil heater and double air cleaner, etc. are available.

Prime 1500 kw 1875 kva Perkins diesel generator set overall specifications

Model: 1500GF-P
Prime Power: 1500KW/1875KVA
Standby Power: 1650KW/2062KVA

Diesel Engine Specifications

Engine Model 4016TAG1A
Engine Manufacturer Perkins UK
Cylinder quantity 12
Cylinder Arrangement Vee 60°
Cycle 4
Aspiration Turbo charged
Bore x Stroke (mm x mm) 160×190
Displacement 45.84 L
Compression Ratio 13:1
Prime power / Speed (KW/RPM) 1588kw/1500
Standby power/ Speed (KW/RPM) 1741kw/1500
Governor type Electronic
Piston Speed 9.5 m/s
Typical genset electrical output 1476 kw
Total Lubrication System Capacity (L) 213
Total Coolant Capacity (L) 316
Fuel Consumption at 100% load (L/hour) 383 L
Starter motor 24V
Alternator 24V
Minimum cranking speed 120 rpm

Alternator Specifications

Alternator model PI734E
Alternator manufacturer STAMFORD
Exciter type Single bearing, Brushless, Self-excited
Rated output prime power 1900KVA
Rated speed 1500 rpm
Rated frequency 50Hz
Number of phase 3
Rated voltage 400V (Available with custom requirements)
Power factor 0.8
Voltage regulation NL-FL ≤±1%
Insulation grade H
Protection grade IP23

Dimension & Weight

Open Type Overall Size:L×W×H (mm) 7000×2300×2800 Soundproof Type Overall Size:L×W×H (mm) 40FT Container
Open Type Weight (kg) 9800 Soundproof Type Weight (kg) 13500
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