200kw 250kva cummins natural gas generator set

Latest from Professional manufacturer, run with coal bed gas, suitable for primary application, at cheap price, suitable for Vietnam .

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General Details

1. 200kw 250kva cummins natural gas generator set Overall Technical Specifications:

Genset Model200GT-CT
Rated Power200KW / 250KVA
Rated Speed/ Rated Frequency1500 rpm /50Hz
Rated Voltage400/230V
Power Factor0.8
Rated current (A)360
Gas Typenatural gas
Overall Size (mm)3250x1160x1900
Weight (kg)3700
Engine ModelCummins NTAA855
Air intake wayTurbo intercooled
Cooling wayClosed cooling cycle
Displacement (L)14
Bore×Stroke (mm)140×152
Max. standby power @50Hz220kw / 275kva
Alternator ModelSTAMFORD UCD274K
Rated Power200kw / 250kva
Excitation wayBrushless and self exciting
Voltage controlAVR
Insulation classH

1.  Fuel requirements :methane content≥92% ( or Gas low heat value ≥ 33 MJ/Nm3 ), sulfur content≤200PPM,  impurities size≤5μm, impurities content≤50mg/Nm³, water content≤40 g/Nm3 ;

2.  Manufacturing standards:ISO8528-5,GB/T2820.5-2009,GB/T22343-2008;

3.  Every gas genset have been pass the test under the load of 0%,25%,50%,75%,100% and the response ability of static, dynamic test, all the protection device and control system are pass strict inspection before they leave factory.

2.Optional parts for 200kw 250kva cummins natural gas generator set

1)Soundproof canopy
2)Parallel cabinet
3)Synchronization cabinet
5)Inlet gas pressure adjusting valve
6)Gas water separator

7)Extra spare parts

3.Warranty policy of 200kw 250kva cummins natural gas generator set

1)Since gen-set reached the agreed destination, its main parts will be guaranteed within 12 months or 1000 hours (subject to the earlier mature term).
2)We take charge of all troubles caused by gen-set’s fault and repair according to the  regulation stipulated by original plants.
3)Factors not accordance with the regulation of original plants such as fragile parts, daily consumed components, wrong operating,lack of maintenance are not include in the quality guarantee.

4. Declaration for 200kw 250kva cummins natural gas generator set

The 200kw 250kva cummins natural gas generator set designed according to environment condition set by ISO 3046: atmospheric pressure 100kPa, sea level height 110m inlet gas temperature 25℃, relative humidity 30% and reference gross heat value of natural gas at minimum 33MJ/NM3(>=92% CH4 ).While using in places which don’t meet these conditions, generator rated power and outlet gas temperature parameters will be different more or less.

Feature parameters and technical data provided above was calculated through program with massive natural gas experiments and actual use data based on environment condition and natural gas
heat value and content mentioned above.

All generator parameters of 200GF-CT 200kw 250kva cummins natural gas generator set such as output power, heat consumption were rated value under basic load  ( 100% load ). Detailed analysis report  of 200kw 250kva cummins natural gas generator set 200GF-CT in different conditions will be provided by our engineer according to user’s actual environments and gas composition conditions if needed. For 60Hz 110V/220V output, please also contact us for detailed technical specification sheet.

Other party are not allowed to use our technical parameters for research and business purpose without our permission. We reserved the rights of changing our design without notify customer or the third party.

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