1600kw 2000kva diesel generator powered by Perkins 4016TAG2A engine

Prime 1600kw 2000kva water cooled diesel generator powered by to quality Perkins 4016TAG2A engine and stamford PI734F brushless alternator manufactured by China factory, 16 V cylinders, 45.84 liters displacement with electric speed governor; clean, quiet, operating at the lowest noise level; running up to 6000 hours without any trouble; perkins diesel generator comes with 2 years' standard global warranty.

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General Details

 1600kw 2000kva Perkins diesel engine generator overall specifications

Model: 1600GF-P
Prime Power: 1600KW/2000KVA
Standby Power: 1760KW/2200KVA

Diesel Engine Specifications

Engine Model 4016TAG2A
Engine Manufacturer Perkins UK
Cylinder quantity 16
Cylinder Arrangement Vee 60°
Cycle 4
Aspiration Turbo charged
Bore x Stroke (mm x mm) 160×190
Displacement 45.84 L
Compression Ratio 13:1
Prime power / Speed (KW/RPM) 1766kw/1500
Standby power/ Speed (KW/RPM) 1937kw/1500
Governor type Electronic
Piston Speed 9.5 m/s
Typical genset electrical output 1646 kw
Total Lubrication System Capacity (L) 213
Total Coolant Capacity (L) 316
Fuel Consumption at 100% load (L/hour) 434 L
Starter motor 24V
Alternator 24V
Minimum cranking speed 120 rpm

Alternator Specifications

Alternator model PI734F
Alternator manufacturer STAMFORD
Exciter type Single bearing, Brushless, Self-excited
Rated output prime power 2080KVA
Rated speed 1500 rpm
Rated frequency 50Hz
Number of phase 3
Rated voltage 400V (Available with custom requirements)
Power factor 0.8
Voltage regulation NL-FL ≤±1%
Insulation grade H
Protection grade IP23

Dimension & Weight

Open Type Overall Size:L×W×H (mm) 7000×2300×2800 Soundproof Type Overall Size:L×W×H (mm) 40FT Container
Open Type Weight (kg) 9800 Soundproof Type Weight (kg) 13500

Why perkins diesel generator set ?

UK Perkins Engine Co.,Ltd was founded by British entrepreneur,Frank.Perkins in 1932 in UK. It’s one of the global leading engine manufacturer,leader in non road diesel and natural gas engines market ranged from 5hp to 2800hp.Perkins is famous for its service,completely satisfied the customers upon their unique requirements. That’s why it is so reliable among manufacturers. Currently, it is belong to Caterpillar from United States. Perkins diesel generator with below features:

1. Manufactured under USA Caterpillar and UK Rolls-Royce technology;
2. Top quality,using the lasted European technology with high strength wear resistant materials;
3. Low fuel consumption, stable performance, easy maintenance, low operating cost, low emission;
4. Clean, quiet, operating at the lowest noise level;
5. Running up to 6000 hours without any trouble;
6. Providing two years’ standard global warranty , highlighting the manufacturer’s absolute confidence of machine durability and reliability.

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