120kw 150kw electric start Perkins dg set cheap from China supplier

120kw 150kw electric start Perkins dg set at cheap price from China supplier, powered by Perkins China 1106-70TAG2 diesel engine and original Stamford UCI274F alternator, both open type and silent available, suitable for commerical usage, such as hospital , airport, bank, office building, small workshop, shopping mall, supermarket etc.

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General Details

120kw 150kva Perkins dg set overall specifications

Model: 120GF-P
Prime Power: 120KW/150KVA
Standby Power: 132KW/165KVA

Diesel Engine Specifications

Engine Model 1106-70TAG2
Engine Manufacturer Perkins CHINA
Cylinder quantity 6
Cylinder Arrangement In-line
Cycle 4
Aspiration Turbo charged
Bore x Stroke (mm x mm) 105×135
Displacement 7.01 L
Compression Ratio 16:1
Prime power / Speed (KW/RPM) 136kw/1500
Standby power/ Speed (KW/RPM) 153.6kw/1500
Governor type N.A.
Piston Speed N.A.
ElectropaK net engine power N.A.
Total Lubrication System Capacity (L) 16.5
Total Coolant Capacity (L) 21
Fuel Consumption at 100% load (L/hour) N.A.
Starter motor N.A.
Alternator N.A.
Minimum cranking speed N.A.

Alternator Specifications

Alternator model UCI274F
Alternator manufacturer STAMFORD
Exciter type Single bearing, Brushless, Self-excited
Rated output prime power 160 KVA
Rated speed 1500 rpm
Rated frequency 50Hz
Number of phase 3
Rated voltage 400V (Available with custom requirements)
Power factor 0.8
Voltage regulation ≤±1%
Insulation grade H
Protection grade IP23

Dimension & Weight

Open Type Size:L×W×H (mm) 2400×900×1500 Silent Type Size:L×W×H (mm) 3150×1300×2000
Open Type Weight (kg) 1500 Silent Type Weight (kg) 2600
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