LPG generator: beste draagbare & economische back-up stroombron voor thuis

19 augustus 2017

LPG generator: beste draagbare & economische back-up stroombron voor thuis

LPG as a cheap fuel source, has became more and more popular, as we can get lpg very easily compared with natural gas or gasoline , either from a LPG pipeline to your Kitchen or from LPG gas station with a small 30kg LPG gas tank.LPG has been used for various purposes,here we are going to talk about LPG used for LPG generator and why LPG generator is the best portable and economical power source in occasions of electricity shortage caused by natural disaster or power outage in hot summer.

With the developing of shell gas, fuel cost such as gasoline and diesel has been stable or decreased in some area, however, people are becoming more and more environment protective, so diesel or gasoline engine has been forbidden gradually by more and more countries and regions. LPG is very safe and it burns with a clear flame, it will not generate bad smell and heavy dark smoke. LPG can be stored for a long time and is safe to handle because it does not get contaminated like gasoline. LPG generator provide great savings and give a high return on investment. Generally, with a full 30kg LPG tank, LPG generator can achieve output for more than 120 kw.h,which ensure electricity cost less than 0.15$/kw.h,this cost was calculated in high energy cost countries like China, if you are living in United states, Russia, Iran,Middle East, Nigeria etc, the electricity cost can even be 30% of that.Once you are in are in any electricity shortage, a 7kw LPG generator can working for more than 30 hours with a full refilled 30kg LPG gas tank.

In the meantime, LPG generator is very easy for installation, you just need to connect it to the LPG fuel tank or LPG pipe line, and fixed it in your garage or in your yard, if your LPG generator is equipped with an additional soundproof canopy, you can even place it inside the house.

It is simple to find LPG service stations in any cities and LPG generator from any generator dealer. By the way,with a LPG generator, you will never suffering the problem of your fuel being stolen, you can save money here too. With these significant advantages, LPG generator has been widely used as backup electricity source for home. You can buy either small sized or industrial LPG generator from Shenzhen Gosun Industry Co.,Ltd , please email us at [email protected] for more details.

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