How to save on petrol, diesel cost and reduce emission in simple ways ?

August 7, 2017

How to save on petrol, diesel cost and reduce emission in simple ways ?

Yes you’ve probably heard it all before, save on petrol,save on diesel and reduce emissions, but how can you achieve that , when fuel prices keep going up. You need to concentrate on more fuel economy.

It’s especially hard when you have to use your vehicle every day, for travelling to and from work, or using it for work as a business owner, representative, taxi driver, truck or van driver. Maybe you drive a truck with a diesel engine (cummins, toyota, rolls royce, deutz or cat,etc), which uses even more fuel.

You fill up and drive on. “Where can I save? How do I reduce emissions ? How can I achieve fuel economy?” You may ask.

Well, there is some ways actually.

One way is to drive more carefully. Keep your foot from the floor, keeping your engine on the lowest speed ( rpm ) as you can, drive as if you had a glass of water on your head or shoulder. Your tires should be kept at the optimum pressures,Brake lightly. To do this, you need to “know the road”, study the road ahead. You should be looking about 100 yards or 50 meters ahead, so you can notice any situations before they become problems for your vehicle.

The Second way is to make a small investment in an innovative automotive products range,this product range is more than liquid engineering. It will save on gas, save on petrol,save on diesel and reduce emissions, give you greater fuel economy, better performance and your engine will last longer.This range usually consists of 3 products below, which you can easily shopping online.

1.engine flush that really works. When your vehicle’s engine lubrication oil becomes dirty after long time use, your vehicle uses more fuel and produces more emissions to have the same output. This Engine flush removes or dissolve the dirt it in the lube oil, so that the dirt can be carried away when the old engine oil is drained out. With the inside of the engine clean, your engine will be more efficient and produce enough power with less fuel consumption.

2.fuel system cleaner that works with petrol (gas) and diesel engine cleans the dirt from your fuel tank, removes the residues from the fuel lines and from the carburetor or injection fuel common rail system. Your fuel system accumulates dirt over time. With this fuel system cleaner, the gum, varnish and moisture in your carburetor or injection fuel common rail system is cleaned and held in a stable liquid status and can be burned away during normal working.

3. metal conditioner that mixes with your engine oil, works in your engine, gearbox and diff to reduce friction during normal operation and helps extend the life of your engine, reducing operating costs, of course, it will save on diesel, save on petrol, and reduce emissions.

This system, will cost you less than 100USD, and can be used for a long time, if is regularly applied, will extend the life of your vehicle’s engine, including truck engines ( cummins, toyota, rolls royce, deutz or cat,etc ). And since the production of new vehicles has a substantial impact on the environment as well, keeping vehicles on the road longer is often the more environmentally friendly choice.

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