Diesel Generator Or Natural Gas Generator ?

July 22, 2017

Diesel Generator Or Natural Gas Generator ?

Nowadays, there is a lot of generator on the market powered by different fuel, while diesel generator or natural gas generator ( LPG/Propane Generator ) won a lot of focus. Thus we’d make below comparison chart to help customer make right decision:

Item Cummins 6BTAA5.9-G2 Diesel Generator Cummins 6BTAA5.9-G2 Natural Gas Generator
Generator image cummins 80kw 100kva diesel generator 80kw 100kva cummins natural gas engine generator from China Factory
Advantage 1.Lower Maintenance Cost.advantage over gas engines is that diesel engines do not require spark plugs or wires; this helps in reducing maintenance costs.
2.Longer life.The lifespan of a gas engine is much shorter than that of a diesel engine.
3.More Safe.being less flammable than other fuel sources, diesel generators also score high on the safety front.
1.More Cleaner.less emissions of sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) are considerably lower compare with oil and coal,without bad smell.
2.Cheaper Fuel.Natural gas price is as lower as 20%-50% of diesel.
3.More Stable.Refuel automatic and suitable for continuously running.
Disadvantage 1.Pollution :given the recent trend of
environmental awareness, diesel is also considered to be a major pollutant in certain areas.
2.Higher fuel cost than natural gas.
1.natural gas is extremely explosive and can be a serious fire hazard should the pipeline burst,some one worry about this issue.With our exclusive design of back fire resistance and anti explosion valve, it is 100% safe to use.
2.A bit expensive than diesel generator.
Rated Power 108KW 85KW
Fuel 0# diesel 97% CH4 Pipeline natural gas
9.9MJ/KW.H 11MJ/KW.H
25kg/Hour 27Nm3/Hour
Fuel Cost
In China
1.3USD/Kg 0.58USD/Nm3
Gosun Price
for Generator
USD10539/Set USD18900/Set
Major Overhaul 12000-15000 hours 18000-24000 hours

From above comparision between diesel generator and gas generator, we get two combined equations :

Suppose X= running hours of diesel generator  Y= running hours of natural gas generator

1st Combined Equation (based on same working hours )



We get answer X > 496.5 , from which we know that if you requires this generator running more than 496.5hours, you’b better buy a natural gas generator, otherwise a diesel generator is enough.

2nd Combined Equation (based on total electricity produced )



We get answer X > 663.5 ( total electricity produced 71658 ) from which we know that if you requires total output electricity more than 71658KW.H, you’d better choose a natural gas generator, otherwise you can buy a diesel generator.

Remarks: Above comparison for reference only , due to different fuel price in different areas or countries. Please contact us at : [email protected] or advise your local fuel cost, gas content and project requirements etc for exact cost analysis.

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