Požadavky generátoru na zemní plyn na zemní plyn , mazací olej, chladicí kapalinu

Srpen 18, 2017

Požadavky generátoru na zemní plyn na zemní plyn , mazací olej, chladicí kapalinu

Before running a generátor zemního plynu , please use the appropriate natural gas, lubricant oil and coolant according to local environment and conditions. appropriate or not will greatly impact the performance of natural gas generator engine and its life span.
1. Natural gas generator set requirement for natural gas
All natural gas should be dehydrated to achieve no free water, crude oil and light oil, the low heat value of natural gas should not be less than 31.4MJ/Nm3, the total sulfur content should not more than 450mg/Nm3, H2S content should not more than 20mg/Nm3. Natural gas delivery pressure should in the range of 8-30kpa;
2. Natural gas generator set requirements for lubricant oil ( Lube oil )
The lubricant oil is used to lubricate the moving parts of the natural gas engine and to cool and dissipate these moving parts, taking away impurities and preventing from these moving parts being rusted. Its quality good or not will affect the performance of the gas engine and engine life, besides, lubricant oil quality has a certain impact on the lubricant oil using period. So user should choose the appropriate lubricant oil based on natural gas generator gas engine working ambient temperature. We commend natural gas engine to use lubricant oil grade at 15W40CD or above;
3. Natural gas generator set requirements for coolant
Coolant for cooling systems in natural gas generator set is usually clean fresh water, rain or clear river water. When a natural gas engine is under ambient temperature less than 0 Celsius degree, the coolant should be prevented from freezing and damaging the engine parts.Use the appropriate antifreeze or before the starting of gas engine, filling some hot water, but please do remember to drain out the water after the natural gas engine stopped.

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