CKD diesel generator set and SKD diesel generator set available

May 7, 2014

CKD diesel generator set and SKD diesel generator set available

Shenzhen Gosun Industry Co.,Ltd is pleased to provide CKD and SKD diesel generator according to customer’s requirements.

What is a CKD diesel generator?

A CKD diesel generator means that the diesel generator is not a complete set as ready for sell diesel generator set. CKD is short for Complete Knocked Down, no assembling at all. if you purchase a CKD generator, you will get the main parts for diesel generator like diesel engine and alternator, control panel, radiator, circuit breaker and other parts separated in their own packing. You will have to assemble the generator yourself in your factory , so most of the work will be done by you.

What is a SKD ( Zero Pack ) diesel generator?

A SKD diesel generator, means that the generator is also not a complete ready for sell diesel generator set, but different from CKD diesel generator, SKD is short for Semi-Knocked Down, which means the diesel generator set is partly assembled. For example, the engine and the alternator is connected and assembled on the base frame already when you import a SKD generator. You will have to assemble the diesel generator to a complete one in your factory too, but some work already done in our factory.

Why CKD and SKD generator? 

1.Save on import cost and local tariffs ( import tax ) . Some countries have different tariffs on generating set and CKD or SKD generator set. you can consult local tariff office about this . Also you can load more quantities in a container. Save import tax and shipping cost, you can make more profit.

2.You assemble the generator locally.Buy CKD or SKD generator, and assemble locally, to make all available customization on your own. What’s more, you can fully control the diesel generator quality.

Is CKD or SKD right solution for me? to see if you can go with CKD or SKD diesel generator solutions, please check if you meet below conditions:

1.Very High local tariff on diesel generate set and SKD or CKD generators had lower tariff.

2.You have facility locally to assemble ( necessary for CKD diesel generator ), and you have enough technical stuff to support.

3.Local labor cost is cheaper than China.

Right here in Shenzhen Gosun Industry Co.,Ltd , you are able to get the best SKD or SKD diesel generator solution:

For diesel engines, we are able to provide:

Cummins diesel engine from Cummins Inc, CCEC, DCEC ; Perkins diesel engine from UK, Lovol diesel engine ( former perkins OEM factory ), Volve Penta diesel engine, MTU diesel engine, MAN diesel engine, Deutz diesel engine, Weichai diesel engine, SDEC diesel engine, Yuchai diesel engine, Wandi diesel engine, Isuzu diesel engine, Changchai diesel engine, JDEC Chidong diesel engine, Weifang diesel engine.

For alternators, we are able to provide :

Stamford alternator, Leroy Somer alternator , MeccAlte alternator, Wateck and other Chinese alternator.

For controller, we are able to provide:

ComAp ,DeepSea , Chinese controllers.

For more info about CKD and SKD generator, please contact us directly by email : [email protected] .

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